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Pathologists Lancet Kenya shines at the KESCAVA Annual Congress held in Nairobi, Kenya



Pathologists Lancet Kenya joined other stakeholders during the Annual Congress by the Kenya Small and Companion Animal Veterinary Association - KESCAVA, to deliberate on matters of small animal practice, giving attendees a unique view into aspects related to veterinary laboratory medicine.

The forum held in Kabete, was attended by over 70 Veterinarians who made a strong case for the need to improve the overall health of animals, people and the environment. Among the presenters were Veterinary Biologists from Cerba Vet who dedicated their time to take the participants through various aspects of endocrinology, microbiology and tumour markers pertaining to companion animals. We appreciate Dr. Ingrid Bemelmans, Dr. Caroline Tual-Vaurs and Dr. Kristina Museux for taking some time off their busy schedule to present to the participants.

From Pathologists Lancet Kenya was our very own Dr. Dhaval Shah, a veterinary pathologist, who gave a presentation on practical approaches to diagnosis in a companion animal practice.

“Information dissemination sits at the very heart of our need to inform our communities on the need to co-exist between people and the members of the animal kingdom. Through this conference, we see an opportunity to further augment our proposition for providing better living conditions for animals around us,” Dr. Dhaval noted.

Pathologists Lancet Kenya has a dedicated veterinary laboratory offering veterinary-specific haematology, clinical chemistry, serology/immunology and endocrinology using dedicated analysers specifically calibrated for veterinary samples. Our veterinary diagnostic services also encompass specialised veterinary histopathology and cytopathology by an in-house veterinary pathologist.

KESCAVA brings together over 150 members distributed within Kenya and the greater East Africa region. Through its intervention, there has been a notable improvement in the way communities improve their livelihoods. This has been supplemented by online education sessions that have gone a long way in empowering companion animal practitioners to be resilient.

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