Pathologists Lancet Kenya

As a diagnostic, monitoring and screening laboratory,

Pathologists Lancet Kenya Limited, provides: Laboratory Routine, Specialised, and Esoteric tests from stand alone lab facilities and in partnerships with other well-known Institutions or Organisations.

Our Laboratory services are offered to doctors and their patients in Clinics, Hospitals, Industrial & Corporate sectors, Insurance, and outreach programmes. We also serve clinical trials and research groups through public-private-partnerships and engage with Governmental and NGO agencies. Our goal is to be efficient by providing diagnostic excellence at Pathologists Lancet Kenya. We adhere to the international criteria set out by ISO standards in all our service points. Our main laboratory is ISO15189 certified and accredited by SANAS since 2010, while our other key branch laboratories are accredited by KENAS.

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Our Mission

To be the leading force in local medical diagnostics in Africa, while offering the highest standards of pathology and biomedical services to patients and medical communities across the continent.

Our Vision

To provide Africa with the best medical diagnostic solutions at world-class standards to improve the quality of life of communities.

Our Values

Equity in Health

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Screening Tests

Women’s health

It’s important for women to have regular health checks that can detect the presence of precancerous lesions. Book your PAP smear with us today.


Full Blood Count

A full blood count measures the concentration of red cells, white cells and platelets in the blood. This common test can be used to identify a wide range of illnesses, infections, and diseases.


Men’s health

It’s important for men to have regular health checks that can screen for the presence of cancerous and noncancerous tissue in the prostate gland. Book your PSA test with us today


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