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2023 Press Releases - 2023-05-03

Pathologists Lancet Kenya opens two new branches in expansion drive

Pathologists Lancet Kenya, a leading pathology laboratory service provider in Kenya has embarked on an ambitious expansion drive with the opening of two new branches at South C in Nairobi and Nyali in Mombasa Counties respectively.

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2023 Press Releases - 2023-04-17

Pathologists Lancet Kenya feted for efforts to curb Covid-19

Pathologists Lancet Kenya has been feted for its efforts in supporting Kenya healthcare recovery efforts during the Covid – 19 pandemic period.

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2023 Press Releases - 2023-03-15

Cerba Healthcare successful first drone flight in France and Italy

Innovation in Biological Samples Transportation: Cerba Healthcare successfully performed the first flight with drone in France and Italy

  • A low-carbon logistic option that should avoid traffic-related delays while covering remoted places in the country
  • Shortens time-to-results and improves patient management regardless of location
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