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Our SANAS accredited cytology laboratory analyses both gynaecological and non-gynaecological cytology. Cytology is used to determine the nature of lesions and often to look for infections. It is mainly a screening tool to triage patients’ management.

Our non-gynae service looks at fluids such as urines, pleural and ascitic fluids, breast fluids and CSF’s, and fine needle aspirations (FNA’s). The FNA’s are submitted by referring doctors, or obtained with us on site in the radiology departments, (Rapid on-site evaluation- ROSE), or done by us on palpable lesions in our clinic.

Our samples can often be sent for molecular analysis, cultures or other further testing if required. If you are submitting a non-gynae sample, please note that Specimen should be submitted as air-dried and alcohol fixed slides in a slide holder with no cover slip.

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